Net Facilities

At our facility in RKM Ground, T.Nagar (opp Jeeva Park) we have 4 nets with different surfaces. 1 concrete wicket, 1 matting wicket and 2 turf wickets. As our students play matches in grounds with either matting or turf wickets, our facility helps them get accustomed to those conditions during practice. The concrete wicket is used for drills and for fine-tuning one’s game technicially.

Centre Wicket

At RKM Ground we have a center wicket which is a turf surface and this is used for our match simulation sessions for students. It helps in replicating a match-feel for our students so that they can learn to adapt to those situations. Matches are also organized at the ground and the center wicket is used for the same.

Ground Access

RKM Ground is located in the heart of the city and is easily accessible from most parts of the city. The ground facility is used for various purposes, the most important being our fielding sessions, Strength and conditioning ground sessions and also for matches and match simulations. We also utilize the ground for drills like power hitting and running between the wickets.

Video Analysis

Video motion analysis is a technique used to get information about moving objects from video. In sport, systems have been developed to provide a high level of task, performance and physiological data to coaches, teams and players. The objective is to improve individual and team performance and/or analyse opposition patterns of play to give tactical advantage. The repetitive and patterned nature of sports lends itself to video analysis in that over a period real patterns, trends or habits can be detected. We use our in-house app to facilitate this process.

Speed Gun

The speed at which our bowler's bowl is measured on a regular basis with the help of the speed gun and this helps us gauge whether or not the bowler is working on his/her bowling in the right manner. Tracking this progress is important in the development of any player.

Cricket Rebound Net

One piece of equipment that all our students have fun with, for catching and fielding drills. It helps greatly in improving reflexes for fielders and wicketkeepers and can be used either by just one person or by a group for some intense but fun drills.

Bowling Machine

An integral part of batting practice, the bowling machine is used to improve muscle memory of a batter with the repetitive practice of playing the ball that is bowled in a particular area. The speed, swing, and spin can be adjusted to replicate the work of different types of bowlers to help the batters learn.

Resistance Parachute

For the development of the running speed and technique of our students, we have a drill using the resistance parachute. It is an effective method of improving speed and this drill can be done on a regular basis.

Portable Net With Hanging Ball

The portable net helps our batters have a hit before the nets sessions or before a match and it is easy to move around and can be placed in any part of the ground.