Sporting activities all around the world were brought to an abrupt halt due to the spread of the dangerous Coronavirus. Taking into account everything that has transpired over the past couple of months, the time has come for a new normal. Maintaining hygiene is going to be top priority for all sporting associations once sporting activities resume, but what does that mean for the way sport will be played?

In a team sport like cricket where there are 11 players on the field in contact with the ball, thousands of spectators cheering on their team and hundreds of people involved with the organizing; where can we draw the line for social distancing? A lot of questions are already being raised about artificial methods of shining the ball without the use of saliva and even new ways of celebrating the fall of a wicket! All these deliberations are bound to come up with some interesting changes in the world of sport so all we can do is stay locked at home and wait and watch!

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